Where to Buy - What's in the box

  • Rulebook, and 4 character almanacs
  • 99 unique character tokens! Includes 39 Townsfolk, 12 Outsiders, 12 Minions, 9 Demons, 15 Travelers and 12 Fabled characters.
  • Over 100 Storyteller action tokens
  • 60 character sheets
  • A Town Square board
  • The box itself forms the illustrious Grimoire – the Storyteller’s guide to each game.
  • A foldable stand to rest your Grimoire on.
  • Various other tokens used for voting, life, death, and other strange things… and a cloth bag and specially sized boxes to sort them.

The Grimoire will contain the first three editions of the game. Each edition comes with its own set of characters, crafted to encourage different styles of play.