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Have you played a few games and now want to mix things up? Maybe pair the Mayor and the Mastermind? ‌Pit a Professor against a Poisoner? How about a Virgin versus a Vortox?

The Script will let any player craft a unique list of characters from any character tokens they own. ‌Make wild and intriguing custom games to suit your play style. In addition to including all 72 characters from the original editions of ‌Trouble Brewing, Sects & Violets, ‌and ‌Bad Moon Rising, ‌a number of experimental characters have been added to the script tool for a limited time. While we’ve been in pre-production, we’ve let slip details on a dozen or so of the 100+ roles that we’re developing for future expansions. ‌Given the surge in people playing Blood on the Clocktower online during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve added them for Storytellers to put a little extra spice to their games while we’re all still in lockdown. They’ll be there for the foreseeable future, but we’ll take them down again when we turn our attentions to developing them more for inclusion in the expansions. ‌For now, we hope you enjoy!

The Script is free to use and works with any edition of Blood on the Clocktower. Share your custom scripts to our ‌Facebook, ‌Instagram, or ‌Twitter‌ and let us know how your game went.

(The script does not currently work on mobile, sorry! For beginner players, the following characters are not recommended for 5 or 6 player games: Professor, Sage, Goon, Devil's Advocate, Godfather, Fang Gu, Shabaloth)