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Blood on the Clocktower is available! ‌

You can order a copy by clicking HERE.

Read on below to see what is included in the box. All art on this page is prototype artwork, from the kickstarter. The final product differs.

Blood on the Clocktower is also available in Chinese!

Click here to order a copy of Blood on the Clocktower in simplified Chinese from our official partners in China, Gstone Games.



What's in the box? ‌

  • Rulebook, and 4 character almanacs
  • 99 unique character tokens! Includes 39 Townsfolk, 12 Outsiders, 12 Minions, 9 Demons, 15 Travelers and 12 Fabled characters.
  • Over 100 Storyteller action tokens
  • 60 character sheets
  • A Town Square board
  • The box itself forms the illustrious Grimoire – the Storyteller’s guide to each game.
  • A foldable stand to rest your Grimoire on.
  • Various other tokens used for voting, life, death, and other strange things… and a cloth bag and specially sized boxes to sort them.

The Grimoire will contain the first three editions of the game. Each edition comes with its own set of characters, crafted to encourage different styles of play.

Trouble Brewing ‌

Clocktower Classic

Trouble Brewing has a little bit of everything. Some characters passively receive information, some need to take action to learn who is who, while some characters simply want to bait the Demon into attacking them.

While it initially seems a relatively straightforward Demon hunt, evil has a number of dastardly misinformation tricks up their sleeves. The good team best question what they think they know in order to survive.

Trouble Brewing is recommended for players and Storytellers new to Blood on the Clocktower, or to social deception games in general.

Check out Evin running a game of Trouble Brewing for some of BotC's earliest play testers and fans here:

Sects & Violets ‌

Maximum Information, Maximum Misinformation

Sects & Violets is the craziest of the 3 editions included in the base set. Good characters get amazing information each and every night.However, the evil team is extremely varied and threatening and can throw massive confusion into the mix. Characters change alignment. Players change characters. Even the evil team can lose track of who is who. This edition also features 'Madness', which throws all manner of spanners into the works.

Sects & Violets is recommended for players who want to do wild and unexpected things, pushing the limits of what can be achieved in a bluffing game.

Check out Evin running a game of Sects & Violets for some of BotC's earliest play testers and fans here:

Bad Moon Rising ‌

Great Risk, Greater Reward

Bad Moon Rising is a death extravaganza. Demons kill multiple times per night and Minions get in on the action too. Good players can take great risks to gain great information, but may accidentally kill their friends in the process. Luckily, there are many options to keep players alive long past their used-by-date. If the good team can not determine specifically which Minions and Demons are in play, their doom is all but certain.

Bad Moon Rising is recommended for players who are very proactive, dedicated to working as a team, and not afraid of dying.

Check out Evin running a game of Bad Moon Rising for some of BotC's earliest play testers and fans here:

Blood on the Clocktower is a captivating new bluffing and deduction game -- ‌Order a copy here!

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