Accessibility - Revolutionary

Usually, the best way to include any player that would normally have some difficulty playing is via the Revolutionary character, which is included in all versions of the game. Whether you have a player who has an intellectual disability, is unable to understand the rules of the game, is blind or deaf, doesn’t know the language the group is using, or is unable to communicate by normal means for whatever reason, the Revolutionary character can allow you to include them fully.

Even if you have a player that is too young to understand the rules and strategy, but wants to play with a trusted adult, the Revolutionary can allow them to participate. The Revolutionary is also useful for couples or good friends who wish to play but who are uncomfortable with lying to or distrusting each other, even in a game setting.

The Revolutionary is specifically designed to allow all players to fully participate, and works by pairing up one player with a friend – someone who they can communicate freely and easily with the whole game. Both these players are guaranteed to be on the same team for the whole game, so they can trust each other completely, communicate openly or secretly, and share information between themselves. During the night phase of the game, where usually only one player will ‘wake’ to use their ability, both players can wake, so that one player can help the other understand the Storyteller’s signals, should they so wish. Important game decisions can be made as a pair, or individually, as each player prefers.

Each of the pair gets an individual character as normal, such as the Ravenkeeper, Poisoner, Mayor etc. They can vote, use their abilities, and live and die, individually, as normal. But either both players are good or both players are evil! If they are both good, they can both figure out the puzzle. If they are both evil, they can both bluff. And they best bluff well, if one of the pair is the Demon…

If one player needs help at any time, either in understanding or communicating, they can rely on their trusted partner to communicate to them what they need to know, or communicate on their behalf if they are unable to.

Token for Revolutionary character


Matt is deaf. He teams up with Julian via the Revolutionary. Matt draws the Poisoner, and Julian is given the Imp. They can scheme in private using sign language, so that Matt can participate.

Hannah is twelve years old. She is keen to play but does not understand the intricacies of how the characters work. She gets the Monk and teams up with her father, who is the Empath.

Storyteller’s “How To Run” section of the rulebook:

When setting up the game, before giving the bag to the players, declare that the Revolutionary is in play and which two neighboring players are Revolutionaries. Add the Revolutionary token to the Grimoire. Mark the Revolutionaries with the “Register Falsely?” reminder between their character tokens.

Give the bag to one Revolutionary. They draw a token. Look at their token, choose a token of the same alignment from the bag, and give it to the other Revolutionary. Then, give the bag to the non-Revolutionary players to draw from.

Once per game, you can make one player marked “Register Falsely?” register as a different character and alignment, then remove the “Register Falsely?” reminder.