Accessibility - Introduction

In the years developing and promoting Blood on the Clocktower, we encountered people with a variety of disabilities who were interested in playing. One of our goals with BOTC was to create a game that would be as accessible as possible, so we’ve always worked to find ways to overcome any disability or communication issue to include anyone who wants to play in as complete a way as possible. On this page, we’ll share some of the things we’ve discovered or that have been shared with us over the years, with the hope that it will help you include in your games anyone who wants to play. At the moment, the major areas we cover are advice for including players who are blind, some mobility tips & attention deficit tips, and ways to best use the Revolutionary Fabled character to include players. Our aim is that this section of the site will grow over time and eventually house a wide compendium of accessibility resources, tips, and advice. If you have any experience in this area and want to share your insights, or if you’ve found any ways to make BOTC more accessible that aren’t already listed here, we encourage you to share them with us at