Accessibility - ANXIETY & ATTENTION

Some players are a little nervous about playing a team-bluffing game like Blood On The Clocktower. Some are stone-cold terrified! Whilst we personally have had great feedback from players that we have ‘thrown in the deep end’ and just gotten them into a game as a regular character, a few have insisted on wanting to play without needing to bluff. Traveller characters are recommended for such players. All players know which character a Traveller player is, and they are not the Demon, but they may be good or evil. They have “all of the power and none of the responsibility”, which can be a welcome invitation to a particularly nervous player who still wants to participate.

Also, since Travellers can leave the game at any time, they can be particularly appealing roles to play for those with a short attention span. Such players may enjoy playing for a full hour or only half an hour, and don’t know yet which it will be.